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     Acting in movies hasn’t escaped Diegodiego’s adventure, he began his career on the film "Don Paco el renegado, "with  Antonio Portillo and Rodolfo Infante. Then came "Del Infierno a la gloria" in which he starred. Then in, "Cruz de Polvora" next to the renowned and leading actor Fernando Saenz. And besides Jesus Chuy Perez he starred as el Meno, as a fearsome murderer in "Te Presumo."

The Spanish movie projects opened doors for him to work in several short films in Hollywood as "Chiaroscuro" directed by Mike Cictoria, "The Cowboy" directed by Omid Shabkhiz, "Assassin X" directed by Art Camacho and produced by Al Bravo. At the moment he is working on new and larger projects that we will eventually mention. Which means that the history of Diegodiego on the big screen continues to grow with great acceptance at the box office.

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