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Haciendo Escandalo! - 2006

Released with an image that makes everyone fall in love, Diegodiego's "Haciendo escandalo!" Cd reassured to the news media and public that... Read More.

The World's Most Powerful Man. - 2013

With original sounds and invigorating messages, Diegodiego's The World's most powerful man album, is the mega star's third studio production, best selling... Read More.

Quema Quema - 2004

The world's most powerful man, first and top selling album of all time. Quema Quema is the musical production that opened all doors to Diegodiego and turned him in to a mega star in all the continents... Read More.

     To hear the name Diegodiego is to relate to the world of music, His debut Cd of self authorship, "Quema quema" his first album of the 3 that make up his discography today, enters decidedly in the world of pop ballad with great success and was considered for seven Latin Grammy nominations including Best Artist of the Year and Album of the Year.

Another of his music productions that made history in Spanish pop was "Haciendo Escandalo", an album of international court that has played in radio stations around the world and his songs are in first place in the charts and is considered the most versatile album of his career.

With his voice, talent and charisma, Diegodiego has earned applause in theaters, concert halls and arenas internationally, establishing himself as one of the greatest Latin artists in the world. Diegodiego today returns to music with the release of his crossover singing in English with the production "The World's Most Powerful Man," under the label of World's Number One Productions which includes the track" Feeling the World"

Diegodiego - Discography

​Diegodiego's exclusive collection of released musical productions, songs and albums.